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NBT Electric Herbal Grinder Big


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The all new NBT is an Automatic Herb Grinder. this NBT electric grinder can crush tobacco very quickly for smooth smoking and easy rolling quick and easy to use. No more sore wrists from manual grinding. Acry container cup can hold quite a bit of tobacco /dried herbs (For grinding more smoothly as fast, we recommend that every time you filled no more than 1/3 cup volume) Note: Color may change subjective to stock availability **


  • Hold handle while unscrewing the clear container.
  • Fill 1/3 of the clear container and the handle.
  • Re-assemble the clear container and the handle.
  • Once assembled security, flip the power switch on.
  • Shake gently while holding the handle until the desired textures achieved.

How to use:

  • De-stem the Dry herb and break up into smaller parts.
  • Place parts into clear container, ensuring that you do not fill more than 30% of the container.
  • Screw the container onto the body of the machine ensuring it is locked in securely.
  • Switch the machine on and slowly move in an upright position and shake.
  • Continue action until desired texture has been achieved.


  • Do not disassemble the chopping blade.
  • Sharp blades may cause severe injury. Never operate the chopper without the clear cover securely fastened.
  • Clean chopping blade with a cloth and methylated spirits to prevent rusting.
  • Remove batteries before cleaning, to prevent possible injury.
  • Keep out reach of children.


  • high quality
  • Powered by 3x AAA Batteries
  • Material: zinc alloy, plastic
  • Size:Approx.150x40mm(Height*Diameter)
  • Fast metal sharp spin teeth


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