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Lawless Hookah Zinc 1xHose 102cm


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The 102 cm tall Lawless Zinc Hookah is a simple, yet highly impressive, hookah which towers over most other options. Featuring the most elite smoking hookah to enter the market engineered to perfection & designed to help achieve a smooth draw in combination with large clouds, this hookah will win your admiration with its perfect performance and unmatched visual appeal. This hookah is the right balance between modern and traditional, also very easy to use and has smart features such as a unique way to connect the base to stem with just a simple twist, the clear base allows you can see how much water you need to put in, along with a classy wooden coated design. The stem is made from genuine and high-quality durable steel. The clean, authentic design of the Lawless Hookah has a smooth, yet rugged quality that hits just the way you like it.
The product colour may vary depending on stock availability.

What includes in Box:


  • 1x Hookah Base
  • 1x Hookah Bowl
  • 1X Hose Grommet
  • 1X Bowl Grommet 
  • 1x Middle Stem
  • 1X Charcol Tong
  • 1x Ash Try


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