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Carb Cap with dabber


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Vaping while your nail is red-hot is not the most effective or flavorful. A carb cap is like a lid for your banger, which enables you to take a lower temperature vaping by simply placing it over your banger. When the banger is cooling from being red-hot (this can be spotted by the color change from red to its basic hue) drop your concentrate on the nail surface. Then place your carb cap on the banger, this changes the pressure in between the banger and carb cap which leads to convection.

By placing your index finger over the hole on the top of the carb cap the airflow is restricted and only a minimum amount of air is allowed in the banger. The air will swirl like a vortex, which cools down the banger, the smoke and the oil or concentrates, allowing you to inhale at the temperature and speed that is best to achieve the ultimate flavor and effect. Simply remove your finger from the hole of the carb cap to inhale the smoke. The top of the carb cap also unscrews, allowing you to use it as a waterpipe tool.

A carb cap is not just the perfect equipment for waterpipes connoisseurs, but also for newbies, because it allows you to take a mid-vaping break without losing your precious concentrates or oils.


  • Grade 2 titanium
  • Fits most bangers


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