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420 Total Hookah Care kit 3pk


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Signature Series Total Hookah Care – 3 Product Cleaning System Kit contains 1 bottle of T: Black Label, 1 bottle of H: Clear Label, and 1 bottle of C: Frost Label to conveniently clean all parts of your hookah and keep your hookah tasting fresh after each use.

AbrasivAction: Black Label (T)

Exclusive Patented AbrasivAction™ Technology Eliminates the need for Soaking and Scrubbing.

This is a GoGREEN Formulation. Simply Shake, Rinse & Enjoy!

RinseAction: Clear Label (H)

Exclusive Daily RinseAction™ Concentrated Formula – use before each session and improve the experience.

Eliminates the need for Soaking and Scrubbing. Keeps Hookahs Sparkling Clean.

SprayAction: Frost Label (C)

Exclusive SprayAction™ TrueShine Technology. Easily spray down parts and keep your hookahs shinning.

Eliminates the need for Soaking and Scrubbing.


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