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Silicone Bongs

Shisha Glass bong shop provides Australian customers with a variety of bongs. Silicone is a great option that will deliver cool smoke, is easy to clean, and won’t break the next time it is inevitably dropped. Silicone water pipes are available in Shisha Glass extensive bong shop featuring high-quality options from various prices and materials.

There are few tragedies in a smoker’s life comparable to witnessing their prized bong slip through the fingers of an unfamiliar house guest and shatter on their floor. Unfortunately, the scenario is all too common but completely avoidable if you choose a bong made from a more durable material. While the silicone bong isn’t as popular and not available with quadruple bong percolators, it is a reasonable option that will last a lifetime.

Silicone Bongs Australia Made from High Quality Silicone Available Online

Our bongs are made from medical-grade silicone; they are incredibly easy to clean and much more durable than acrylic and glass options. In addition, the herbal residue left behind after extensive use is quickly rinse off and less harsh between cleanings.

Check out our selection of silicone bongs online today for an elevated smoking experience.

A Perfect On-the-Go Water Pipe Built to Stand the Test of Time

Silicone bongs from Shisha Glass are ideal for Aussies who enjoy their favorite herbal blends in the great outdoors. Throw your silicone water pipe in your backpack or trunk without worrying about it breaking or using an expensive case. Silicone bongs are perfect for camping, hiking, surfing, or fishing.

The Silicone Retractable Round Base Bong from Shisha Glass was built with easy transportation in mind. Simply dump out your water, collapse the retractable bong stem, and your water pipe is ready to go wherever life takes you!

Browse the Unmatched Selection of Water Pipes in the Bong Shop by Shisha Glass

Our selection of bongs is available in various sizes, materials, and prices. Silicone is the most durable option giving accident-prone or users with an active lifestyle a viable option. Check out our selection today for Australia’s unsurpassed selection of bongs online.

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