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Percolator Bongs

Our Percolators Bongs will mix the smoke through the water to create a smoother experience. Now what is a percolator and why should you want one? The percolator is an extra apparatus that is sometimes built into your bong. Its purpose is to break the smoke particles into small bubbles and force them through the water. The bubbles of smoke create a greater surface area, so the water more efficiently cools the smoke. The more water the smoke passes through before it is inhaled the better!

There are many different styles of percolator. Different percolators will achieve different effects for the user. Some will have a harder, tighter drag such as the inline percolator. Some will have a looser drag like the honeycomb percolators. The more percolators you have in a bong, the more water that the smoke is mixed through, the smoother it will be.

These percolators will have you amazed at how smooth smoking can be! Not only are they functional but the way the smoke fills these percolators is extremely hypnotic to watch. It is great to see the smoke and the water combining in these exciting percolator bongs. A huge range to choose from, for every style and every budget, even medium sized glass bongs can come with a percolator, or you can get a large bong with the option of double or even triple percolators bongs.

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