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Acrylic Bongs

Acrylic bongs in Australia are functional, durable and affordable. Shop water pipes at Shisha Glass bong shop for the best selection of bongs online.

Shop Acrylic Bongs Australia from Shisha Glass’s Expansive Selection

Bongs serve as the most efficient way to deliver your favourite herbs into your body. The water pipe filters the harsh smoke allowing the user to take a massive hit, without any unforgiving consequences. Check out our selection of acrylic bongs online available from our bong shop.

Acrylic bongs give you a functional, durable, and affordable way to effectively enjoy your choice of herb and you won’t have to worry about shattering your acrylic piece. Bongs have a tendency to be dropped at an unusually high rate in our community, acrylic is a durable solution keeping you smoking not replacing your water pipe.

Browse the best bong selection from Australia’s Number One Bong Shop

Whether you are looking for your first bong or you are a seasoned veteran, Shisha Glass has a water pipe that will perfectly fit your needs. Acrylic makes a great first bong for anyone new to enjoying the benefits of exotic herbal blends. One of our favourite starter bongs is the Double Ring Round Base Acrylic Bong 20cm, its classic design, affordable price, and resilient acrylic material make it a great option for any bong connoisseur.

Another great option for bongs in Australia is our Gravity Bong with Tree and Leaf Decoration. The gravity bong is a staple in the community that uses the force of gravity to turn your favourite herb into thick potent smoke. A gravity session is unforgettable, leaving the users out of their minds. Check out this water pipe experience the bong shop from Shisha Glass.

Shop the Best Selection of Acrylic Bongs Australia, a Functional, Durable, and Affordable Gift Idea for Any Occasion

Anniversaries, birthdays, or housewarming presents, our bong shop is the perfect place to buy the gift that keeps on giving. There’s no better way to say congratulations to a relative or welcome friends into a new home than buying an acrylic bong from Shisha Glass.

Shisha Glass offers a broad selection of functional and novelty acrylic bongs. We have a range of designs including a bikini bong, a skull bong, and an assortment of vibrant colours, perfect for any occasion.

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