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Shisha Glass is proud to keep the longstanding smoking tradition alive by offering our customers one of Australia’s most extensive selections of bongs. Browse through our diverse assortment of glass bongs, percolator bongs, acrylic bongs and silicone bongs.

We also provide Australians with an expansive array of bong parts. So whether you want to upgrade your water pipe by adding a bubble glass cone piece or need a new bong stem, Shisha Glass is your go-to source for parts on your cherished bong online.

The bong is recognised as one of the most efficient and pure smoking methods available today. Herbal connoisseurs have enjoyed the smooth hits provided by the water pipe for thousands of years. While the bong has undeniably evolved over time, the essence of the experience remains.

Shisha Glass’s Top picks for High Quality Bongs Australia

Whether you are looking for a cheap option that gets the job done or a piece of art that happens to deliver massive rips, Shisha Glass has a bong for you. Check out the best bongs from Australia bong shop in 2021.

Our Double Honeycomb Glass Bong with Percolator is a modern marvel of smoking technology. The harsh smoke is filtered through the double honeycomb percolator and ice catcher before reaching the user’s lungs, delivering a smooth and cool hit. We also carry options with other advancements in smoke filtration technology including:

  • Honeycomb Percolators
  • Dome Percolators
  • Coil Percolators
  • Tree Percolators
  • Inline Percolators

If you don’t need the latest advancement in bong technology to relax after a long day, Shisha Glass bong shop has multiple high-quality options for under AUD$40. The Glass Round Base Barrel Mini Bong is an excellent option that still cools and filters smoke but won’t have you burning through cash.

Our Diverse Selection of Novelty Bongs Australia

Shisha Glass also has options that will start the conversation and get the job done. We have novelty bongs, including a Santa, Spider-Man, and numerous options from everyone’s favourite interdimensional duo, Rick and Morty bong.

Browse The Bong Shop by Shisha Glass for High Quality Artisan Water Pipes

Shisha Glass has an impressive assortment of high-quality bongs at every price point. We embrace the tradition by giving Australians the best selection of bongs online. Check out our online bong shop today for novelty pieces to the latest in smoking technology.

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