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Australia’s largest selection of designer bongs, artistic and functional artisan water pipes for the Australian Bonglord and humble cone connoisseur alike. The widest range of bongs of all types big and small, portable and tabletop, lightweight plastic/acrylic, stylish – tasty glass, and tough silicone bongs and water pipes.

Glass bongs are the best for flavour, for the best set up to taste the terpenes in your herbs, a full glass set up with glass cone piece is ideal. Shisha Glass has the biggest range of glass bongs available in Australia! All sizes and styles for a variety of budgets and users, starting from under $50 AUD for a glass bubbler. Colourful Glass beaker bongs! Ice Catchers and Percolators! Everything you could want in a bong, right here Australia.

Shisha Glass has bongs for every budget if you are trying to save a little bit of money but you still want a large bong, go for a plastic bong. These bongs are lightweight and very portable. Medium durability, they are not bulletproof but will be a bit sturdier than your average glass bong.

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