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SMOKA Vaporizers

Shop SMOKA for your next lightweight and durable vaporizers in Australia. Shisha Glass proudly carries SMOKA products and accessories for vaporizers.

Shisha Glass Presents SMOKA Vaporizers, a Premium Choice in Australian Vaporizers

At Shisha Glass, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with some of the best vaporizer brands in the industry. SMOKA is one of our favourite companies featured in our online store.

SMOKA’s reputation for discreet products with minimalistic designs is perfectly demonstrated in their ASTRO vaporizer. Experience auto heat times in under 20 seconds perfectly distributed throughout your herbal blend of choice. In addition, the ASTRO vaporizer delivers a consistent hit of flavourful, quality vapour every time you take a draw. Choose between three heating temperatures to ensure an optimal herbal experience.

Shop now for high-quality vaporizers and accessories at Shisha Glass Australia

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