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While smoking pipes, bongs, and cigars are all classic methods, they are inefficient and messy compared to vaporizing. Users can enjoy their favourite dry herb or herbal extract conveniently and discreetly with vaporizers.

Shisha Glass is proud to offer a wide array of the best vaporizer brands in Australia. Our selection consists of the leading brands in the industry dedicated to pushing the capabilities of herbal vaping further. We have a variety of portable dry herb vaporizers, desktop herbal vaporizers and accessories from recognizable brands. Whether you are looking for a new rig or need replacement parts, Shisha Glass has everything you need to vape in the 21st Century.

Buy Vaporizers from the World’s Most Iconic Brands

Our extensive selection from some of the most recognizable brands gives Australian vaporizer customers different styles and functionalities.

One of our favourite brands is Lawless Vape. Their Dollop Dual Portable Vaporizer has dual capabilities with a glass mouthpiece that can also fit into your water bong. The 2-in-1 unit is an impressive piece of vaporizer technology equipped with a 900mAh battery that regulates heat, giving the user an optimal experience.

Shisha Glass also carries the Volcano Classic Vaporizer from Storz & Bickel, one of the OG herbal desktop vaporizer systems that revolutionized the industry decades ago. Before we had access to dry herb vape pens, the Volcano vaporiser was the only option. The method stood the test of time and still one of the most unique vaping experiences available today.

We also feature products from SMOKA Vape, DaVinci, Arizer, Firefly and other established vaporizer brands.

Browse Vaporizer Australia from Shisha Glass Online Bong Shop

Each vaporizer brand we carry goes through a highly meticulous vetting process to gain access to our online store. When you buy from Shisha Glass, you can purchase dry herb vaporizers with confidence.

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