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Desktop Vaporizers


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Check out Shisha Glass Australia stock of the best quality desktop dry herb vaporizers for your smoking needs!

Unlike portable vaporizer, desktop vapourizers are larger, more powerful and sophisticated dry herb vape kits that are designed for longer vaping sessions with your friends. Almost all desktop vaporizers utilize full convection heating methods which guarantee an efficient extraction of active substances and a high quality of vaping flavours.

Desktop Dry Herb Vaporizers are great for sharing dry herbs at your home! Sit around the table with friends and pass the glass tipped whip hose around and enjoy! Vaporising has almost none of the carbon and carcinogens of smoking, making it a harm reduced option compared to smoking. If you are an everyday smoker you will notice a difference from switching to a dry herb vaporiser within a few weeks!

Shop high-end desktop vaporisers such as the Volcano vaporizer for an outstanding dry herb vape in Australia.

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