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Silicone Smoking Pipes

Browse our silicone smoking pipes perfect for pipe tobacco from Shisha Glass. Our Australia smoke shop features a variety of durable choices for your next tobacco pipe.

Easy to Clean, Virtually Unbreakable, and Available in the Craziest Designs – Buy Silicone Smoking Pipes from Shisha Glass

While the glass smoking pipe does deliver the pinnacle of flavour, silicone smoking pipes have many advantages that can outweigh the experience of tasting pipe tobacco and herb. If you are accident-prone or have been the victim of a careless friend dropping your glass piece, it may be time to get a more shatter-resistant option.

Silicone smoking pipes are also easily cleaned. Instead of boiling them, you can wipe them clean after every couple of sessions to keep the resin from backing up. The slick polymer fibres keep residue from sticking and can be easily removed after excessive use.

Our Silicone Smoking Pipes Come in a Wide Variety of Trendy Designs

If having an easy-to-clean, durable alternative to glass or wooden smoking pipes wasn’t enough to choose a silicone tobacco pipe, our assortment of funky designs is sure to win you over. The Silicone Ice Cream Spoon Smoking Pipe takes our obsession with gelato to the next level.

We also recommend the Dokha Silicone Skull Hat Sherlock Smoking Pipe, complete with a removable fedora that doubles as a perfectly snug pipe tobacco cover. Pack a bowl for later and take hits as you feel necessary, perfect for enjoying herbs on a long secluded hike.

The selection of smoking pipes in our Australia smoke shop is second to none, giving our customers various designs, but we have to admit the Dokha Silicone Star Wars Storm Trooper Smoking Pipe is our favourite. The durable silicone piece triggers nostalgia every time you spark up and journey to a galaxy far, far away.

Buy a Durable Smoking Pipe Built to Withstand the Elements at the Shisha Glass Smoke Shop

A silicone tobacco pipe is a perfect choice for active smokers. You won’t need to worry about your smoking pipe breaking if you throw it in your bag or back pocket to accompany you on your next adventure. While silicone is highly durable and won’t burn your fingers after extended use like metal smoking pipes.

As Australians, we understand the need to get outside and play; the silicone smoking pipe is the perfect accomplice whether you are at the beach, on the river, or in the mountains.

Shop the smoke shop at Shisha Glass – The only source for your next silicone tobacco pipe.

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