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Metal Smoking Pipes

Metal smoking pipes are perfect for pipe tobacco and available in affordable and luxurious options in our smoke shop. For tobacco pipes shop Shisha Glass!

Browse our Durable Metal Smoking Pipes at Shisha Glass Smoke Shop

Using a metal tobacco pipe gives you the freedom to live life to the fullest. Whether you are hiking, boating, surfing, camping, or involved in some crazy recreational activity we aren’t yet hip to, a metal smoking pipe will survive anything you throw at them. Whether you drop the pipe on concrete or lose it in the couch for two years, your metal smoking pipe will withstand common wear and tear.

Having to use an excessively protective case for your tobacco pipe is inconvenient. Especially when you’re on the go, you don’t want to kill the vibe worrying about the structural integrity of your piece. Metal smoking pipes are by far the most durable smoking pipes in our Australia smoke shop.

Shisha Glass’s metal smoking pipes are also reasonably priced; we carry dozens of high-quality options in the smoke shop under AUD$20. So no matter your budget, we have a piece perfect for pipe tobacco or your favourite herbal choice. Shop at Shisha Glass today for metal smoking pipes of every variety imaginable.

Enjoy Pipe Tobacco with Our Vast Selection of Luxurious Metal Pipes

Why metal smoking pipes get a bad reputation is a mystery to us. While taste isn’t up to par with glass smoking pipes, metal makes up for the slight edge in flavour with its practical design and durability.

Our metal smoking pipes are much more than cheap one hitters you will find at a swap meet. We take pride in the craftsmanship that goes into each smoking pipe found in our smoke shop. One of our favorite metal pieces, perfect for enjoying pipe tobacco, is the Golden Metal Hand Pipe. The combination of style and functionality gives you a reliable pipe tobacco option you will be proud to bust out on your next adventure or home session.

A Metal Tobacco Pipe is a discreet Way to Relax and Enjoy the Aromatic Earthy Fragrances of Your Favourite Herbal Blend

Metal smoking pipes give the creator flexibility to create subtle designs that don’t appear to be smoking devices. For example, our Metal Bullet Smoking Pipe and Dokha Metal Chrome Pocket Pipe will deliver a perfect hit but are much more low-key than most smoking pipes.

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