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Glass Smoking Pipes

Browse our glass smoking pipes from the Shisha Glass Australia smoke shop. Our extensive variety of pieces includes tobacco pipes and other products for pipe tobacco.

Browse our Assortment of Glass Smoking Pipes Available in Different Designs, Shapes, and Sizes

Smoking out of glass allows for an optimal flavour experience. Enjoy the complex profiles from your herb of choice without any harsh residue from the tobacco pipe material. All our glass smoking pipes are made from borosilicate glass with a low melting point, so you won’t taste anything but your potent leaf.

Shop our Australia smoking pipe selection by category, price, or newest arrival. The choices are extensive but organized effectively, thanks to our easy-to-navigate smoke shop platform. We have the most popular types of glass smoking pipes, including:

  • Apple Smoking Pipes
  • Billiard Smoking Pipes
  • Novelty Smoking Pipes
  • Sherlock Smoking Pipes
  • Spoon Smoking Pipes

No matter your preference, we have the smoking pipes for you. Take your next herbal session to perfection with Shisha Glass.

Experience Superior Taste with Glass Pieces from Shisha Glass Smoke Shop

Our extensive range of glass tobacco pipes includes some of the most creative pieces available online. Perfect for pipe tobacco, our Twisting Lava Glass Smoking Pipe has a deep bowl and intricate molten lava pattern.

At Shisha Glass, we believe that a bubbler is the perfect combination of efficiency and convenience. Glass smoking pipes with chambers for water filtration elevate the smoking experience by filtering the water but are still small enough not to take over your entire coffee table. The Lawless Glass Smoking Sherlock Double Pipes 20cm is the perfect representation of the incredible functionality of the bubbler.

If you are looking to purchase a conversation piece, Shisha Glass carries a wide array of novelty smoking pipes in Australia. One of our favourites is the Pickle Rick Glass Smoking Pipe by Lawless Blaze. The hilarious piece from Rick and Morty is a steamroller pipe, meaning it is open-ended with the bowl in the middle. Steamroller smoking pipes are notorious for delivering massive hits; we can attest that the Pickle Rick piece lives up to the hype.

Glass Smoking Pipes are the Best Option for Aromatic Herbal Blends

Don’t substitute taste; choose a glass smoking pipe today from the Shisha Glass smoke shop. Whether you are smoking pipe tobacco or herbs, the flavour is essential to the experience. Browse our extensive selection of pieces, including the glass tobacco pipe below.

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