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Smoking Pipes

Shisha Glass smoke shop offers the best selection of smoking pipes in Australia. Choose from artisanal glass hand pipes to timeless wooden smoking pipes.

Smoking out of a pipe is a convenient way to enjoy tobacco smoke or your favourite dry herb mix. Smoking pipes are functional, easy to carry and don’t leave a mess. Over the years, tobacco pipes have evolved from a basic tobacco delivery method to unique works of art, crafted by some of the most talented artists in the world.

Shisha Glass smoke shop has an extensive selection of smoking pipes for various prices and made with several popular materials. Check out our online selection including:

  • Glass Smoking Pipes
  • Wooden Smoking Pipes
  • Metal Smoking Pipes
  • Silicone Smoking Pipes

Tobacco smokers and herbal enthusiasts alike will find exactly what they are looking for at Shisha Glass.

The Art and Benefits of the Glass Smoking Pipe

Glass pipes have evolved from an efficient pipe smoking method to a work of art. Shisha Glass features some of the most designs of glass smoking pipes, hand pipes, spoon pipes available online. The Lawless Blaze “Number 8” Glass Hand Pipe is a customer favourite, featuring an intricate spiral design that changes colours as it is appreciated.

Add a piece of art and a reliable smoking pipe from Shisha Glass today.

Glass pipes also offer a superior smoking experience. The taste glass smoking pipes offer is unparalleled by any other smoking device. Glass is the number one option for herb smokers for a reason, the smoke has a pure taste as opposed to other methods.

Achieve a Classical Vibe with Wooden Smoking Pipes from Shisha Glass

Tobacco smoke is complemented impeccably by a wooden pipe. Enjoying the rich, flavorful aroma of pipe tobacco is a relaxing, timeless experience. Our selection of wooden smoking pipes ranges from affordable to extravagant options. Check out the Luxury Dark Black Wooden Apple Smoking Pipe available in our smoke shop, the classic wood grain finish is only outdone by its unparalleled flavour.

Browse Shisha Glass Online Smoke Shop for the best Smoking Pipes in Australia

Smoking pipes provide the most convenient and accessible smoking experience. Shisha Glass is proud to give Australians a wide array of options ranging from wooden tobacco pipes, glass hand pipes, metal smoking pipes, and silicone smoking pipes. Our pipe selection is unmatched by any other retailer online.

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