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Smoking Pipes

Shisha Glass has a huge range of designer smoking pipes for tobacco or herbal use in Australia. Made from a variety of materials for different smokers.

Glass smoking pipes are the best for taste and have some of the more intricate designs available. These glass pipes will blow your mind with the pure taste and unadulterated flavour you can achieve. We have a range of sizes and designs available, for every smoker and every budget.

Wooden smoking pipes are a great style, lightweight and reasonably sturdy. They do have a slight woodsmoke taste, especially with extensive use. This is not necessarily a drawback but more of a feature, as a lot of people do enjoy the flavour from wooden smoking pipes.

Metal smoking pipes are more discreet and portable, you can take them (almost) anywhere! They are also very sturdy. They do have a slightly metallic taste, especially with extensive use. Available in brass or stainless steel.

We also have the new silicone smoking pipes. Silicone is a rubber-like material made from siloxane polymers. Unlike rubber, silicone does not have a melting point but will eventually combust, so treat it as you would treat a wooden smoking pipe. The advantage of silicone smoking pipes is that they are extremely sturdy, being able to be dropped over and over again, and come in a range of cool and exciting designs such as ice cream cones, or robots!

With all these styles and more, there is a smoking pipe here for you or that would make the perfect gift for a smoker you know!

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