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Cuban Cigars

Buy your next Cuban Cigar from Shisha Glass, the premier source for cigars online and cigars Australia. Don’t settle, purchase a hand-rolled cigar today.

Buy Cuban Cigars Online from Shisha Glass, Your Number One Source for Cigars Australia

The Cuban cigar is the gold standard in quality when it comes to rolled tobacco. Cubans have been the most popular cigar in the world for decades because of their superior tobacco, hand-rolled leaves, and world-renowned legacy cigar brands. Shisha Glass smoke shop is a reliable source for the most respected brands for Cuban cigars Australia and other necessities such as cigar cutters.

We feature the most renowned Cuban cigar companies on the market, including Romeo Julieta and Montecristo. These two brands have successfully provided cigar smokers all over the world with their invigorating aromas and flavours.

Each cigar is hand-rolled with 100% tobacco leaf sourced from Western Cuba’s bountiful, volcanic soil. Cuban cigars have gained their reparation for being the best cigars in the world because of the island’s perfect growing conditions and exceptional tobacco companies.

Browse our selection below for the best quality cigars online.

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