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Blunt & Hemps Wraps

Encapsulate the senses with blunt wraps and hemp wraps from Shisha Glass smoke shop. Roll, light, pass, repeat with our exceptional selection of hemp and blunt papers in Australia. Available in many flavours to choose, Shisha Glass promises that the smoking wrap selection can satisfy every need that you have for your smoke.

Shisha Glass has an Impressive Assortment of Blunt and Hemp Wraps

We are your one-stop-shop for smoking supplies in Australia, including blunt wraps. Shisha Glass offers a variety of blunt wraps available in tobacco leaf or hemp. We feature the world’s most recognizable brands, including Kingpin, Cyclone, and Juicy Jay. Our assortment of flavours is hand-picked by our in-house herbal connoisseurs to cater to the needs of the modern smoker.

Browse our wide assortment of classic smoking paper flavours, including blueberry and grape, as well as exotic varieties like tropical passion and black widow.

One of the staff favourite hemp papers at Shisha Glass is the Hemp Spanish Fly from Kingpin. As soon as the sweet, 100% tobacco-free paper hits your lips, your taste buds are sent on a complex journey reminiscent of sweet and fruity flavour.

Take Puff Puff Pass to the Next Level with Shisha Glass’s Selection of Blunt Wraps

Breaking down your favourite herbal blend and rolling it up in a blunt wrap or blunt paper is a ritualistic experience encompassing all the senses. Crafting a blunt or joint with your hands and passing it around deploys a primitive connection to the earth and the people closest to you.

Our blunt wraps and hemp wraps are designed to perfectly mould your herbal blend into a smokable work of art, combining functionality with the traditional smoking method.

Hemp Wrap is a Great Alternative to Traditional Blunt Wraps

While tobacco papers add an extra buzz, many herbal enthusiasts are becoming more conscious about what goes into their bodies and are staying away from tobacco products. Shisha Glass is proud to offer an alternative in the form of hemp wraps. You will still get the blunt wrap experience without the consequences of tobacco or nicotine. Keep your herbal session 100% green by only rolling with hemp wraps from Shisha Glass.

Enjoy the Intoxicating, Relaxing Aroma of Blunt Wraps

Lighting a blunt is an experience unlike any other smoking method available today. Of course, we appreciate the convenience of smoking pipes and the efficiency of bongs in Australia, but nothing compares to the indulgent fragrances you get while smoking a blunt. Every hit’s flavour and aroma are amplified by the simple combination of blunt papers and herbs.

Shop hemp wraps, blunt wraps, and blunt papers below to heighten your next herbal session!

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