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Bong Grommets

Get your piece ripping once again with a bong grommet from Shisha Glass bong shop. Browse our selection of bongs online and accessories – shop bongs Australia today!

Shop our Bong Grommets to Get Your Piece Air-tight and Pulling Properly

The number one problem smokers have concerning their bongs is a loose downstem. Unfortunately, many users will replace their entire unit rather than solving the issue. Shisha Glass bong shop carries bong accessories like bong grommets that will get your water pipe back to delivering smooth rips. Replacing worn or damaged bong grommets seal the bong stem, creating an air-tight transfer of air from the bowl to the lungs. Browse our accessories and bongs online from the Shisha Glass bong shop.

Shop bongs online today from our bong shop for a diverse selection of accessories guaranteed to optimize your next session. Don’t let a damaged bong grommet get you down; replace yours today with our various sizes, including a Large Double Flange 18mm Grommet.

Give your bong some attention to perfect your herbal obsession.

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