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Bong Stems

Shisha Glass bong shop has the best selection of bong accessories including the bong stem, our favorite way to upgrade your water pipes. Shop the best prices for bong parts in Australia

Upgrade Your Bong Stem with Shisha Glass’s Wide Selection of Bong Parts

Bong stems are an essential part of the water pipe experience. You need a reliable down stem to efficiently deliver the smoke from the cone piece to the bong water chamber. A broken or ineffective bong stem will ruin your overall herbal experience.

Glass on glass is the only way to enjoy the distinct taste of fine herbal blends. Shisha Glass bong shop is the source for accessories and bongs in Australia. We carry a variety of the finest quality down stems for a superior smoking experience.

Adding a glass bong stem is the easiest way to upgrade your piece. Our selection includes the standard 18mm male to 14mm female downstems and other popular sizes. Don’t trust your smoking crew (or yourself) to not break another bong stem? No worries! We also carry durable metal down stems.

If you’re still not sure what to buy, we also have a guide to show how to choose a suitable bong stem for your bong.

Shisha Glass has the best selection of down stems for Bongs in Australia from some of the most well-known brands in the game, including Lawless and Dokha. There’s no substitution for bong stems, and Shisha Glass has everything you need to replace or upgrade your water bong.

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