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Ash Catchers

Shisha Glass bong shop features accessories for bongs in Australia, including Ash Catchers, the single easiest way to improve your filtration system.

Keep Your Bong Clean with Our Ash Catchers Available at Shisha Glass Bongs Online

Our bong shop is the number one source for bong parts guaranteed to upgrade your current setup. An Ash Catcher improves a bong’s filtration system by running the smoke and debris through a separate water chamber. It also prevents unwanted matter from getting into your bong and stops residue buildup in your central unit. Hit your bong harder with Shisha Glass’s attachments for bongs Australia.

While filtering dense, potent smoke from your favourite herbs doesn’t increase concentration levels, the smooth hit allows for a more pleasurable experience. Smoke sessions are endless with a percolator system for your bongs. No need to buy a separate unit; add the 18mm Matrix Percolator Ash Catcher 45 Degree to cool off the smoke and take fat rips all day.

Shisha Glass guarantees unsurpassed quality bongs in Australia and smoking accessories. Shop now for the best selection of bongs online.

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