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Bong Parts

Buy parts for Australia bongs at Shisha Glass bong shop. We have a massive selection of parts, cleaner, and accessories to keep your water pipe ripping

Shisha Glass Bong Shop is Your Number One Destination for High-Quality Bong Parts and Accessories

Bongs are one of the cornerstones of the smoking community. There’s nothing comparable to taking a massive bong rip. In order to keep your experience perfected, you have to service your water pipe. Luckily, most of the time, relacing your entire bong is unnecessary, and all that’s needed is a tune-up or a replacement part.

Shisha Glass bong shop is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to keep your bongs ripping. Check out our accessories and parts for bongs online today.

The Bong Shop from Shisha Glass has a Selection of Water Pipe Parts and Accessories that is Unrivaled

All owners of bongs in Australia look no further than the Shisha Glass bong shop. We have all the parts and accessories to keep your water pipe delivering perfect rips. So whether you just need basic cleaning supplies or a new bowl, we have the bong parts and accessories you need.

Shop Critical Replacement Parts like Bong Stems, Cone Pieces, Joiners, Ash Catchers at the Bong Shop

Breaking a down stem or cracking your bowl piece can be devastating. Luckily, the bong shop from Shisha Glass has a massive selection of parts available in various sizes that will fit perfectly in your water pipe.

Our exclusive Glass Bong Stem fits 18mm male to 14mm female pieces. The down stem is crafted out of high-quality, temperature-controlled glass with a texturized female joint.

Keep Your Bong Up-to-Par with Cleaners and other Vital Accessories Available from Shisha Glass

Bongs need regular upkeep, or they will become clogged or begin to smell like resin. Using one of our cleaners and brushes whenever your smoke sessions start putting a toll on your bong. Some of our most valuable products are the Shisha Glass Cleaning Brush, 420 A1 Original Cleaner.

Shop below for bong parts, accessories, and bongs in Australia. You can also have a look at our top 10 bong accessories in Australia.

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