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Vaporizer Mouthpieces

Browse Shisha Glass’s vaporizer mouthpieces from the most trusted vaporizer names in Australia. Get your vaporizer Australia back hitting smoothly today.

Pick up a New Mouth Piece for Your Australian Vaporizers from Shisha Glass

Optimize your smoking experience by replacing your vaporizer’s mouthpiece. No need to buy a completely new unit; just replace the components that are wearing down from the Shisha Glass head shop.

Having a replacement Volcano Hybrid Mouthpiece 4 set on hand is the perfect way to welcome friends back to the smoking circle. Mouthpieces are easily swapped out when using the tube attachment on the Volcano vaporizer if you have a guest not comfortable with sharing.

Vaporizer mouthpieces are an essential part of the herbal experience if you are enjoying a vaporizer Australia. Whether your stock mouthpiece is needs replacing or you are looking for an upgrade, check out our selection below.

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