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Smoking Accessories

Browse Shisha Glass smoke shop for a variety of smoking accessories in Australia. Shop today for a quality cigarette rolling machine, and ashtray.

Shop Smoking Accessories from Shisha Glass Smoke Shop

Shisha Glass is the premier smoke shop near you for all the smoking accessories needed by modern tobacco and herbal enthusiasts. Browse our rolling trays, ashtrays, cigar cutters, and cigarette rolling machines today for the most extensive selection of smoking accessories online.

Enjoying your choice of substance whether it’s high-quality rolling tobacco or exotic herb can significantly benefit from our high-quality smoking accessories. Adding accessories from the smoke shop like a rolling tray can keep your setup organized and efficient. Stop spending time cleaning and optimize your smoke spot by adding premium smoking accessories from Shisha Glass.

Premium Rolling Trays from the Most Iconic Brands in the Industry

Rolling trays are available in various shapes and sizes at the Shisha Glass smoke shop. We proudly carry a wide variety of products; one of our favourites is RAW Girl Mini Rolling Tray. Break down herbs roll them up without the mess.

The Shisha Glass smoke shop also features our branded products like the ShishaGlass 7-Color Glow White Rolling Tray. We use high-quality materials optimized for the herbal enthusiast along with trippy, smoke shop designs.

No Smoke Session is Complete without a Glass Ashtray

Adding a quality ashtray to your smoke spot is a necessity. Glass offers a classic lounge vibe to your spot and is easy to clean when the roaches pile up. We feature traditional ashtrays that will meet your smoking needs, like our Small Skull Glass Ashtray or the Big Poker Chips Glass Ashtray. The Shisha Glass smoke shop also carries a Silicone option for the more accident-prone herb smokers.

Simple, Functional Smoking Accessories Available from Shisha Glass Smoke Shop

Our selection of smoking accessories consists of a variety of simple, classic products like the cigar cutter or cigarette rolling machine and more technologically advanced smoking paraphernalia like our Magical Butter MB2e 240V Machine.

Whether you are looking for a simple cigar cutter or a machine to produce herbal butter, the Shisha Glass smoke shop near me has you covered. Perfecting your herbal session is our obsession.

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