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Digital Scales

Shop digital scales to efficiently weigh your herb from Shisha Glass. We carry pocket scales, precision scales, and calibration weights from the bong shop.

Monitor Your Herbal Consumption with Digital Scales from the Shisha Glass Bong Shop

Every herbal enthusiast needs a digital scale to keep track of how much smoke they are consuming. Monitoring consumption can be a valuable tool if you are looking to cut back on smoking or just want to know exactly how much herb you have at hand.

Browse our massive selection of pocket scales, precision scales, and calibration weights from the Shisha Glass bong shop. We have the best assortment of high-quality digital scales that will deliver accurate weights consistently.

Shop Our Pocket Scales from NZ Scales for a Portable and Durable Way to Weight Your Herb

Pocket scales allow you to conveniently weigh out herbs on the go. Take your digital scale from the Shisha Glass bong shop wherever you are enjoying your favourite aromatic botanicals.

The pocket scale gives you the ability to control precisely how much herb you are smoking. Weight out perfect 1 gram increments to roll identical joints for the next herbal session.

Ensure Your Digital Scale is Accurate with our Calibration Weights

The Shisha Glass bong shop also carries Calibration weights from NZ scales. These instruments will ensure that your scale is on point and perfectly calibrated. Weights are available in 10g, 20g, 50g, 100g, 200g, 250g, 500g for all scale calibration matrix types.

Be positive your digital scale is precise with calibration weights from the Shisha Glass Bong Shop.

Weight Out Exact Amounts with Precision Scales Available in Our Bong Shop

Precision scales are the most reliable option available in the market. We carry various options that will fit the needs of any herbal enthusiast that is agemate on knowing the exact amount of herb they possess.

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