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Other Hookah Accessories

Shop high-quality hookah accessories including mouthpieces and protective carry bags in Australia. Shisha Glass has everything your shisha pipe needs.

Shop Other Hookah Accessories from Shisha Glass to Optimize your Shisha Pipe

The hookah is a worthy addition to your smoke spot. However, if it isn’t properly stored and taken care of, it will become useless. Shisha Glass provides everything you need to keep up with your shisha pipe.

Our Shisha Glass Signature Carry Bag is a must-have for every hookah connoisseur. The Shisha Glass hookah bag is 100% smell proof, made from weather-resistant materials, and keeps every essential part of your hookah in one secure location.

Having spare mouthpieces available ensures everyone at the smoke session is comfortable sharing a hookah. Shisha Glass carries Shisha Hookah Mouthtips in a 50pcs set of various colours.

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