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Hookah Grommets

Shop for replacement hookah grommets from Shisha Glass. We have a variety of sizes that will fit your specific shisha pipe so you can enjoy shisha tobacco.

Replace Your Hookah Grommets Today to Get Your Shisha Pipe Back to Perfection

While small and seemingly insignificant, hookah grommets are an essential part of the experience. The entire functionality of a shisha pipe is dependent on having an air-tight apparatus. If the hose is loose due to an ill-fitting grommet, you won’t be able to enjoy your shisha tobacco.

Shisha Glass has every size grommet you could need to get your hookah back to delivering massive clouds of flavourful smoke. Don’t let one small piece destroy the traditional hookah experience. Replace your hookah grommets today with Shisha Glass smoke shop.

Browse below for hookah grommets at Shisha Glass to enjoy shisha tobacco.

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