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Hookah Bowls

Upgrade your shisha pipe with a new hookah bowl from Shisha Glass. We feature innovative new solutions to efficiently and evenly heat your shisha tobacco.

Don’t Settle for Ordinary, Browse our Hookah Bowls to Upgrade Your Shisha Pipe Today

Shisha Glass smoke shop has everything you need to keep your hookah delivering thick, flavourful clouds of smoke, including hookah bowls. The bowl is an essential aspect of the shisha pipe, operating as the central hub for your herbs. If the bowl becomes clogged or encapsulated in resin, it’s useless.

Hookahs need regular maintenance to keep them operating efficiently. Browse our hookah bowls for a replacement or upgrade; we feature silicone and ceramic options perfect for your shisha pipe.

A new bowl is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to upgrade your hookah. Check out our Shisha Glass Hookah Bowl 115mm x 90mm featuring a stainless-steel chimney. The innovative design harmonizes the bowl’s temperature, creating a slow, even burn without adjusting the coals.

Shop hookah bowls below from Shisha Glass for a new bowl and hookah accessories.

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