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Your bong is a special part of your herbal obsession. It serves as a centrepiece for your favourite extracurricular activity. Many people even go as far as naming their bongs. In cult classic Half Baked, the central characters named their prized smoking device Billy Bong Thornton. If you value your herbal experience, you want to optimize your quality bong any way you can. The easiest way to do this is to add an ash catcher.

Don’t let the name fool you; an ash catcher serves a much higher purpose than simply catching the ashes from your bong bowl. We are so passionate about this bong attachment we’ve dedicated an entire post to the ash catcher and give instructions about how you can choose the perfect addition to your bong.

What is an Ash Catcher?

An ash catcher is an extra filtration system you can add to your existing bong. The ash catcher fits perfectly between your bong stem and cone piece picking up the majority of the ash and other by-products from smoking. Adding an ash catcher to your bong keeps the primary unit clean and acts as an additional filter.

Most ash catchers consist of a percolator and water chamber. Before smoke reaches the main water chamber of the bong, it must first pass through the ash catcher. Smoke is diffused, cooling it down before reaching the reaching your bong to be cooled down further. Using an ash catcher not only allows for less resin and ash to enter your bong, but it also creates a much smoother hit.

How Does an Ash Catcher Work?

Your cone piece or bong bowl fits perfectly into your ash catcher rather than directly into the bong’s down stem. Without an ash catcher, your herb turns to ash and is sucked through into the water chamber or, worse, into your mouth.

When an ash catcher is added to your bong, your lungs get an extra barrier of protection. Instead of ash being sucked through the bowl, it must first pass through the ash catcher’s water and percolator filtration system.

Ash catchers vary in size and design. Bong accessory manufacturers have no shortage of imagination when it comes to creating smoking devices. While the design of an ash catcher can vary, the functionality and purpose are consistent. Ash catchers are made to protect the smoker and bong from debris.

What are the Advantages of an Ash Catcher?

There are three advantages of using an ash catcher attachment on your bong.

  1. You will spend less time cleaning your bong. Rinsing out an ash catcher is much easier than a complete bong cleaning. After switching to an ash catcher, you will realize that the new attachment takes on most debris and residue build-up.
  2. No one likes sucking up hot ash. With an ash catcher, you won’t have to worry about a scooby snack (a piece of herb sucked through the bong stem) ever again.
  3. The more your smoke is filtered, the less harsh it will be. Your lungs will thank you later for adding an extra layer of protection.

Where to Find a High-Quality Ash Catcher

Shisha Glass is your number one source for accessories and bongs online. We carry an incredible ash catcher that will take you bong to the next limit. Our Matrix Percolator Ash Catcher is a simple but highly functional design. The matrix percolator is a cylinder located at the centre of the water pipe base. It has vertical and horizontal slits, giving you a high volume of vapour diffusion with every hit. The percolator’s advanced design allows your bong to produce a much smoother hit without any unwanted debris or residue.

Adding the Matrix Percolator Ash Catcher is the easiest way to turn your simple water pipe into an advanced herbal delivery device. There is no need to replace your entire bong; add an ash catcher today and take your smoke sessions to the next level.

Choosing the Right Ash Catcher for Your Bong

All smoking parts and accessories must fit precisely, or they won’t be functional. So before investing in the Matrix Percolator Ash Catcher, make sure it fits. The ash catcher fits an 18mm ground connector and an 18mm bowl connector.

If your bong is too small, consider buying an adapter. We sell various glass 14mm to 18mm bong adapters that will allow you to add our premium ash catcher.

Shop Shisha Glass for All Your Smoking Accessory Needs

An ash catcher is a go-to choice if you are looking to uplift your botanical obsession. Shisha Glass also carries blunt wraps, rolling papers, pipes, vaporizers, and bongs ready to be shipped directly to your mailbox. Shop Shisha Glass bong shop today to elevate your herbal experience.

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