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The cone piece or bong bowl is the epicentre of the bongs in Australia. It is where the journey begins, and it is important to create an optimal environment for your herb. A cheap cone piece is going to clog and lower the quality of your smoke. If you aren’t using a high-quality glass cone piece or your current bong bowl isn’t performing, you need to upgrade.

Shisha Glass has premium options from the most trusted brands in the business. So whether you need a replacement or an upgrade, Shisha Glass has you covered.

What is a Cone Piece?

The cone piece is an essential part of a bong. It’s where your herb begins and where combustion happens. Because you have to create a hot environment to create smoke, the cone piece quality is essential.

Also known as a bong bowl, the cone piece has two essential parts: the bowl, where your herb is placed, and the male or female connection piece. Finding the right size is crucial to creating an airtight environment to allow suction.

Why is the Cone Piece so Important to the Smoking Experience?

Your cone piece is what holds your herb. The quality of the material is critical in creating a smooth hit. Smoking herbs creates a harsh residue called resin. Your bong bowl has to be able to handle extreme heat, and no get clogged. The design and material have to be done precisely to hold the heat and maintain resin build-up.

Finding an ideal bowl can be difficult. A cheap cone piece can become plugged up in just a few sessions. While you need a clear opening in your bong bowl, a hole that’s too big will suck herb into the water chamber. You have to find the perfect balance to create a consistent smoking experience without needing to be cleaned every couple of days.

The Advantages of Using a Glass Cone Piece

Glass is the gold standard when it comes to cone piece material. Other types of cone pieces have advantages, but glass will deliver the undisputed best flavour.

Our Favourite Cone Pieces from Shisha Glass – Your Number One Source for Bongs Australia

The products featured in the Shisha Glass Australia bong shop have been thoroughly vetted. When you buy a cone piece, you are guaranteed it is made from high-quality materials designed to cater to herbal smokers.

We’ve picked 3 of our favourite cone pieces below.

Maximize Your Herb with a Reclaim Catcher

Lawless is one of the most recognizable brands in the industry. They’ve made a reputation for crafting quality bongs, water pipes, and accessories. The Lawless Glass Drop Cone with Reclaim Catcher is no exception. Using an ingenious design, this bong bowl optimizes the burn area with a reclaim catcher, creating a consistent and even burn. You won’t have to use your lighter nearly as much, thanks to the innovative design by Lawless.

Keep it Simple with the Dokha Funnel Drop Cone

A well-fitting simple glass cone piece is really all you need to create an enjoyable herbal experience. As long as the design caters to your needs, sometimes a minimalistic approach is the way to go.

Dokha is a globally renowned brand known for producing premium smoking products. Their Dokha Funnel Drop Cone is an elegant solution to one of the most critical aspects of the bongs. We are all for innovation but also respect a reliable product that delivers consistent results. If you are looking for a cost-effective cone piece that will get the job done, Dokha’s Funnel Drop Cone maybe your best option.

Upgrade to a Deep Cone Piece for Extended Sessions

The Magic Ball Glass Drop Cone is an excellent upgrade if you are looking for a massive bowl. Any bong design is no matter the shape, is complemented with a bubble bowl. In addition, the thick glass exterior allows maximum heat protection keeping the herb lit and your fingers from being burnt.

Shop Cone Pieces From Shisha Glass Today for the Best Options Online

If you are unhappy with your bong’s performance, you may need a new cone piece. To produce the best herbal experience, you need high-quality glass and a design that efficiently handles potent burning herbs. Upgrading your cone piece may be the solution to your problem.

Shisha Glass has many viable bong parts using premium glass and every design imaginable. Whether you are looking for a simple cone piece or want to upgrade to an innovative solution, Shisha Glass has an option for you.

Browse Shisha Glass’s extensive selection of cone pieces and bong accessories today!

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