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The bong shop at Shisha Glass is your number one source for bongs and everything you need to keep your piece in pristine condition. Any replacement parts or accessories to optimize your smoking experience can be found at Shisha Glass.

We’ve compiled 10 of our must-have bong accessories available online. Our list includes replacement parts such as the cone piece or bong stem and valuable additions to help with upkeep, such as 420 bong cleaners.

Lawless Glass Bong Stem Flush Mount

A well-fitting, high-quality bong stem is one of the most necessary components of bongs in Australia. The Lawless Glass Bong Stem Flush Mount fits all 18mm female bong joints and 14mm cone pieces.

Bongs are useless without an airtight filtration system. If there are any vulnerabilities, the process won’t work. If your bong stem is broken, ill-fitting, or you need an upgrade, look no further than Shisha Glass Australia bong shop.

Dokha Stripe Drop Cone

Dokha is a premier smoking product manufacture trusted by countless consumers across the world. We feature many of their fine products because they are well-made and high in quality.

The Stripe Drop Cone from Dokha is an exceptional cone piece perfect for any bong that has a 14mm male joiner. Your cone piece is where the magic happens. Without a solid bowl piece, you will sacrifice taste and consistency in your herbal experience.

Shisha Glass Cleaning Brush

Bongs can get nasty. This is a fact of life herbal users must deal with. Whether you smoke out of acrylic, silicone or glass bong, excessive use will result in residue build-up and a foul odour. If you don’t perform regular upkeep, your vapour will suffer.

Thankfully, the Australia bong shop has various cleaning supplies like the Shisha Glass Cleaning Brush in two sizes, small and large.

Shisha Glass Carry Bag

Having a safe place to keep your bong and accessories is a no-brainer. You’ve invested in your herbal obsession and grown fond of your current setup. Protect your gear with the camo Shisha Glass Carry Bag.

Our bong case is made from weather-resistant materials and features padded customizable inner sections for safekeeping.

420 A1 Original Bong Cleaner

Take your bong upkeep to the next level with a cleaner designed specifically for resin built up after herbal smoke sessions. To clean a bong, soap and hot water will get you by, but not anywhere near the effectiveness of our 420 A1 Original Cleaner.

We feature bong and pipe cleaners that are designed specifically for water pipes. They combat build up faster and are 100% safe for you and your bong.

Bubble Glass Cone Piece 18mm

The bubble is a classic shape that allows for a deep bowl and is easy to handle. Our Bubble Glass Cone Piece features additional ridges on the sides, making for an effortless clearing. The cone piece fits into any waterpipe or down stem with a 18mm glass attachment.

Dokha Silicone Container

If you value the unique properties of your herb, you won’t expose them to a cheap plastic bag for storage. Use the Dokha Silicone Container instead to ensure freshness, keeping your herbal compounds from degrading over time. The Dokha Silicone Container is perfect for herb or concentrates.

18mm Matrix Percolator Ash Catcher 45 Degree

Adding an ash catcher to your existing rig is the best way to upgrade your bong. The Shisha Glass Percolator Ash Catcher 45 Degree will keep the matter from entering your bong, requiring less frequent cleaning. It also features a percolator to cool the smoke before entering the water chamber.

18mm/14mm Male to Female Glass Adapter

If you find a small 14mm cone piece you have to have, but it doesn’t fit your current 18mm down stem, no need to worry. Instead, buy an adapter from our Australia bong shop. The glass on glass 18mm/14mm Male to Female Glass Adapter will allow you to add a new drop cone without buying a new bong.

Dokha Glass Dice Shape Drop Cone

Our list concludes with a novelty item, the Glass Dice Shape Drop Cone from Dokha. Add some flavour to your setup with a dice bowl. Like all Dokha products, the glass is the highest quality available, built to last the most intense smoke sessions.

Shop The Bong Shop for Premium Accessories to Keep the Session Rolling

Our top ten picks feature an array of products designed to make your herbal experience more enjoyable. We have much more to offer at the bong shop; browse today to check out the rest of our impressive selection of bong parts.

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