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At Shisha Glass, we value versatility. Our smoking products range from bongs, smoking pipes, rolling papers, blunts, hookahs, and vaporizers. A product like the 2-in-1 Lawless Dollop Vaporizer is attractive to us because of its adaptive functionality, and Lawless is one of the most respected manufacturers of Australian vaporizers.

We like the Lawless Dollop Dual Vaporizer so much, we’ve decided to dedicate an entire post to the product, highlighting its craftsmanship and unique functionality. We will discuss:

  • Lawless Australian vaporizers prestigious reputation
  • The high-quality vapour produced by the portable vaporizer
  • What a 2-in-1 vaporizer brings to the table
  • How to use the dual functionality
  • Must-have accessories for your Dollop Dual Vaporizer

Lawless Vaporizers – Premium Australian Vaporizers

The Australian vaporizer community should be very familiar with Lawless and its smoking products. While their vaporizers are some of the best in the industry, they also provide bongs and smoking pipes to smokers across Australia.

Lawless Vape is the brand’s number one focus on producing high-quality portable vaporizers. The quality of vapour delivered from a Lawless vaporizer is among the best in the industry. 

Experience Superior Vapour with the Lawless Dollop Dual Vaporizer

The Lawless Dollop Dual Vaporizer is a concentrate-only, high-quality vaporizer that delivers hits directly from the unit or through your bong. The latest Quartz coil technology controls heating, providing the purest taste and even vaporizing from the large 900mah battery.

Concentrates allow you to consume the essence of your favourite herbs. Vaporizers allow you to activate the compounds without smoking other plant matter, giving you a cleaner smoking experience. The Lawless Dollop Dual Vaporizer is strictly for concentrates. Many vaporizers allow users to consume dry herbs and concentrates. While it is nice to have the option, buying a vaporizer explicitly designed for concentrates delivers optimal quality. Sometimes dry herb vaporizer manufacturers claim they can handle both but have trouble with certain types of extracts. The Lawless Dollop Dual is optimized for concentrates and returns perfect, delicious vapour.

What is a 2-in-1 Vaporizer?

The most significant advantage of the Dollop Dual is its ability to draw vapour directly from the mouthpiece or in a bong. Taking a hit of vapour after it has been through water filtration is a one-of-a-kind experience that can only be achieved with a 2-in-1 vaporizer. The vapour is broken down and cooled through the bongs percolator, making it light as air. Add ice to your bong to elevate the unique smoking experience even further.

Cooling down the vapor and using the bongs vacuum suction allows you to take massive hits without putting too much strain on your lungs. If you haven’t tried vaping out of your bong, now’s your chance to take your smoke sessions to the next level.

How to Utilize the Dollop Dual Vaporizer’s Hybrid Feature

Combining a vaporizer with a bong isn’t an everyday occurrence, but it functions like burning a bowl of herb. You are just allowing the vaporizer to convert the concentrate into smoke. Below are the five steps to taking a perfect hit with your Dollop Dual through your bong.

1 – Load Your Favourite Concentrate into the Chamber

Add your pure herbal extract of choice to your Lawless Dollop Chamber. All types of concentrates work, including oil, wax.

2 – Heat the Lawless Dollop Dual Vaporizer

The vaporizer takes less than one minute to reach optimal temperatures.

3 – Place into Your Glass Bong Stem

The glass mouthpiece fits perfectly into an 18mm bong stem.

4 – Take a Normal Hit from Your Bong

Slowly rip the bong until the chamber fills with smoke. We recommend starting slow until you get the hang of the process. The Lawless Dollop Dual Vaporizer will draw smoke when you inhale.

5 – Remove the Vaporizer and Exhale

You want to remove the vaporizer from the bong stem completely. This opens the air hold and allows you to clear the bong. Usually, this is the step that throws off smokers used to taking regular bong rips.

Must-Have Lawless Accessories to Keep Your Vaporizer in Pristine Condition

Vaporizer upkeep is an essential part of experiencing the best vaping experience possible. Shisha Glass is happy to provide Australian vaporizers with an assortment of vaporizer accessories necessary to keep their unit functioning. Two must-have items for any bong owner are extra mouthpieces and coils. We carry both specifically for the Lawless Dollop Dual Vaporizer.

Visit Shisha Glass for All Your Vaporizer Needs

We are your one-stop shop for high-end vaporizers and the accessories you need to keep them delivering smooth, potent vapour. The Lawless Dollop Dual is one of our favourite vaporizers because of its unique ability to fit into a bong stem. Visit Shisha Glass today to elevate your vaporizing experience in Australia.

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