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Smoking a bong for the first time is a rite of passage every herb smoker must go through to reach connoisseur status. At the Shisha Glass bong shop, we are experts when it comes to pipes, bongs, papers, and vaporizers; we are going to walk you through the correct steps to take when hitting a bong for the first time.

Smoking out of a bong is easy, but if you don’t know what you are doing, you could waste a lot of herb and ruin the session. No one wants to look like a rookie the first time they take a rip, so follow these steps, and you won’t get exposed.

Start with a High-Quality Glass Bong

Most of us start with a homemade bong or a cheap plastic water pipe from a head shop. But if you have the option, use a glass-on-glass bong. Your first experience will be much more enjoyable.

Our bong shop in Australia has various options from the best brands around the globe. We also carry every accessory you need to keep your bong in pristine condition. If you are looking for a starter bong, we highly recommend the Shisha Glass branded Beaker Base Glass Bong with Ice Catcher, available now at the bong shop.

Parts of the Bong

To properly take a bong rip, you will need to know your way around a water pipe. We break down each part to help you understand the purpose of each vital component that makes the bong functional.

The Bong Bowl or Cone Piece

The cone piece is where your herb or tobacco is burned. It is crucial that you have a quality cone piece that can handle combustion and fit your bong stem.

The Central Percolator and Bong Stem

A bong stem may seem like an insignificant part of the process; however, it is essential to breaking up smoke particles and creating a much more enjoyable experience. The bong stem or down stem is essentially a long tube connecting the bowl piece with the water chamber. At the opposite end of the bowl, percolation occurs as the user inhales. Smoke traveling from the bowl into the water is diffused, cooling it down making the smoke less harsh.

The Water Chamber

The water chamber is where the bong water is stored, and the central percolation of the bong occurs. The bong stem must be submerged entirely for the system to work correctly, but bong water shouldn’t be filled past the cone piece. If there is too much water, it can easily travel up the bong stem and into the cone piece.

The Percolator Filters

More advanced bongs include additional percolators other than the main water chamber. These are created by adding different filtration systems above the primary water chamber. Percolators are designed to break up smoke and further the cooling process.

One of the most advanced percolator bongs from Shisha Glass is the Double Honeycomb Glass Bong.

How to Take Your First Proper Bong Hit

Now that you understand each part of the bong, it’s time to take your first hit. We highly recommend starting slow and waiting at least a few minutes before taking on another hit.

Break up Your Herb or Tobacco

Start by sufficiently breaking up your herb or tobacco. The most efficient way to do this is with a herb grinder from Shisha Glass Australia, we have an extensive selection of high-quality options. Don’t load a bowl with a dense nug, the herb will burn much easier if the plant matter is broken up.

Light Your Herb with Caution

You don’t need a torch to take a bong rip. Instead, we recommend lighting a small corner of the bong, leaving as much herb undisturbed as possible; this way, the next person to take a hit won’t be smoking on just charred herb.

Fill the Chamber with Your Desired Level of Smoke

Be cautious. You don’t need to fill up the bong your first hit. Get the hang of filling the chamber and clearing all the smoke before pushing your lungs to the max. Slowly inhale with your lips inside the mouthpiece, creating an air-tight vacuum.

Pull the Cone Piece to Introduce Air Flow

Once the desired level of smoke is achieved, pull the cone piece, and completely clear all the smoke from the chamber by increasing the velocity of air going into your lungs.

Take Your Mouth Off the Bong!

Your first hit is going to be a little rough. Bongs are designed to propel smoke into your lungs. Make sure to take your mouth off the bong when you’ve cleared the chamber or if you feel like coughing.

A massive rookie move that ends in a disaster is when a first-timer coughs into the cone piece, soaking the rest of the herb in the bowl piece.

Exhale the Smoke and Enjoy the Effects

Congratulations! You’ve taken a proper rip from a bong and have passed through one of the most sacred forms of herbal initiation. Bongs are a great way to gather friends, share herbs, and enjoy one of nature’s gifts to humanity. Enjoy!

Shisha Glass bong shop features a wide range of bongs made from high-quality materials. Whether you are looking for a high-end glass percolator bong or a durable cost-effective acrylic option, we have you covered.

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