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Bongs go hand in hand with the herbal community. No smoke spot is complete without an elegantly designed water pipe that delivers massive rips.

The advantages of smoking out of a bong are efficiency and the water filtration system. Running smoke through water cools down the smoke and removes harmful carcinogens. The disadvantage to smoking out of bongs is the upkeep, that is, if you don’t know what you are doing.

Allowing a bong to go uncleaned for dozens of smoke sessions creates one of the most horrible smells known to man. Spilling old bong water can damage carpet to no repair. However, if you consistently clean your bong, you won’t have a disgusting bong stinking up your house.

Why You Need to Keep Your Bongs Clean

Other than keeping your place of residence free from the aroma of old bong water, there are other advantages to keeping your bong clean.

The quality of your herb is greatly reduced if you are smoking out of a dirty bong. As herbal connoisseurs, this is what keeps our bongs pristine.

Most people buy bongs in Australia because they deliver a smooth hit. However, if you have excessive build-up, you will be inhaling resin, creating a much harsher hit and defeating the entire purpose of using a bong.

Choose Your Preferred Cleaning Method

The first step in cleaning your bong is to gather your supplies. There are many different routes to take, ending in a sparkling clean water pipe; your choice should depend on how much effort you put into the regular cleaning process.

Cleaning a Bong with Common Household Items

You can clean a bong with many items you probably have lying around the house. However, they will take much longer than using a solution designed specifically for cleaning smoking devices. DIY cleaning methods include:

  • Soap and hot water
  • Salt and hot water
  • Isopropanol alcohol and salt
  • Baking soda and vinegar
  • Lemon juice

Using a Cleaner Specifically Designed to Clean Bongs

We will thoroughly explain how to clean your bong with A1 420 Cleaner, available for glass and acrylic bongs in the Shisha Glass online bong shop. Veteran smokers prefer this method because it only takes a few minutes to get your bong in brand new condition.

Along with being more effective, using A1 420 Bong Cleaner is so easy that you will be much more likely to clean your bong on the regular, resulting in better smoke sessions, less harsh hits, and less strain on your lungs.

How to Clean Your Bong

Prepare Your Workspace – Find a Clean, Flat Surface Preferable Near a Sink

The first step is setting up your workstation; we recommend laying out a towel you won’t miss if it ends up soaked in bong water.

You want to be able to dumb out the solution without worrying about ruining carpet or clothing. Set up near a sink or bathtub if possible.

You will need:

  • A towel
  • A zip lock bag
  • A brush or Q-tips

Separate All Components of Your Bong

Next, disassemble your bong. Take apart every component and safely place them on a towel. We are going to clean each part of your bong separately.

Pour in Cleaning Solution

Pour a couple of tablespoons of A1 420 Cleaner into your bong. A little bit goes a long way. Make sure to get the solution into every area of the bong; you may have to fill through the mouthpiece and water chamber if you have a percolator bong.

Shake Until Solution Has Completely Covered Every Part of the Bong

Shake vigorously for 30-60 seconds, covering both openings. Depending on how much resin you have, you may need to shake longer. If necessary, use a brush to target the areas with the most build-up. We carry small and large cleaning brushes Shisha Glass bongs online.

Rinse Your Bong Out and Marvel at the Difference

Once you’ve successfully distributed the cleaner throughout every part of your bong, rinse thoroughly with cold water.

A1 420 Cleaner is highly effective; we are confident no matter how nasty your bong is, it will break up the resin and leave your bong looking brand new.

Cleaning Your Cone Piece and Downstem

The cone piece and down stem are a little bit more challenging to clean. We recommend soaking overnight in a plastic zip-lock bag. If the cleaner doesn’t remove all resin, use a cleaning brush or Q-tips to help break up the grime.

Clean Regularly to Enjoy Your Herb Not Residue

Bongs are a gift to the herbal community, but they require constant upkeep. You can rely on Shisha Glass Australia bong shop to provide you with everything you need to keep your bong in tip-top shape.

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