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A clean portable vaporizer has never been more important. First and foremost, you want the highest quality vapour possible, which can’t be achieved if you clogged up the vaporizer. Next, you want to have a sterile smoking environment while we navigate through a global health crisis. An Australian vaporizer should be spot cleaned regularly and deep cleaned after consistent heavy use to keep your vape pumping out high-quality vapour.

Spot Clean: Making sure your vaporizer is sanitized and ready to be shared with friends. A spot clean only requires cleaning the chamber and mouthpiece.

Deep Clean: A thorough cleaning of every aspect of the dry herb vaporizer that requires a complete disassemble.

We will cover both types of cleanings; we highly recommend doing a deep clean every couple of weeks if you regularly use your vaporizer.

Understanding the Parts of Your Dry Herb Vaporizer

The first step in keeping up with your vaporizer is understanding each aspect that makes the vaporizer function. Every brand has different designs, sizes, and capabilities, but each vaporizer must have a chamber, mouthpiece, and battery to work properly.

The Dry Herb Chamber

The chamber is where you store your herbs or concentrate. A convection or conduction heating system heats your vaporizer. After consistent use, the chamber can become clogged or filled up with residue. Therefore, keeping your chamber as clean as possible is essential, especially if you vape every day.

Vaporizer Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is where users place their mouth and inhale. Mouthpieces range in size and design, but they all serve the same purpose, to deliver potent vapour to the user.

One of the most exciting mouthpieces available to the Australian vaporizer is the Lawless Dollop Dual Vaporizer. The Dollop Dual is a portable vaporizer but has a mouthpiece with 2-in-1 functionality. The glass mouthpiece can be used directly or inserted into a bong stem so the vapour can go through your bong’s water filtration system.

Vaporizer Battery

A vaporizer’s battery creates the heat and essentially makes the unit functional. Cleaning the battery isn’t as crucial as the chamber or mouthpiece because it isn’t in direct contact with plant matter, but you should check and clean the battery if necessary during a deep clean.

Many of the high-end portable vaporizers feature a built-in battery that won’t be compromised by resin or build-up. Make sure you are aware of your battery type before executing a deep clean.

Thoroughly Empty Out Your Vaporizer

Before taking apart your vape, make sure you don’t have any dry herbs or concentrates in the chamber. If you use a SMOKA Astro Vaporizer or another brand that uses chamber mesh, remove it before cleaning.

Disassemble Every Single Part of Your Dry Herb Vaporizer

Now that your chamber is free from herb, concentrate, or mesh, you can disassemble. You likely know your way around your vape, but if not, be careful not to break anything. Refer to your manual if you are unsure how a piece disconnects from the rest of the vaporizer.

You should be able at least to remove the battery and mouthpiece from the vaporizer. Desktop vaporizers like the Storz & Bickel’s Volcano have more parts than a portable vaporizer. Be sure to understand how the unit works before taking it apart and following the instructions provided by Storz & Bickel. We provide customers with complete Volcano Wear n Tear Set to clean every aspect of the popular desktop vaporizer properly.

Free All Matter from Your Mouthpiece

Vaporizers tend to get clogged around the mouthpiece. Free all the matter you can with your fingers or a Q-Tip. If you can’t get to certain areas, we recommend using an air duster to free matter before sanitizing.

If you are doing a deep clean, don’t worry about freeing removing the plant matter from your mouthpiece; soaking in alcohol will adequately remove all residue.

Deep Clean Your Dry Herb Vaporizer with Isopropyl alcohol

Take all the pieces of your vaporizer (EXCEPT THE BATTERY) and submerge them in isopropyl alcohol. If you were able to disassemble your chamber and remove the coils, you can use the alcohol to clean them as well. Soak overnight for the best results.

Your battery may have some residue built up; make sure it’s clean before putting your vape back together.

Once your vaporizer components have soaked overnight, dry them out on a towel. All the residue and plant matter should have been freed up in the alcohol but if you see any left, use a Q-Tip to remove. Reassemble, and you have a spotless portable vaporizer ready to deliver thick, potent vapor.

Thoroughly Sanitize Your Dry Herb Vaporizer

If you are just doing a spot clean, sanitizing is extremely important. You want to free all matter from the mouthpiece and chamber and sanitize all surfaces of the vaporizer. If your mouthpiece collects excessive residue, we recommend buying a replacement; we carry various replacement mouthpieces from the best vaporizer brands online.

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The most significant advantage of buying a portable or desktop vaporizer from Shisha Glass is having a one-stop shop for all your necessities. Whether you need a replacement mouthpiece, coils, chambers, oil cans, or Volcano Balloons, we have you covered.

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