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Smoking out of a bong is unlike any other herbal experience. Filtering the hot smoke allows you to take sizable hits without too much strain on your lungs. To make the process work seamlessly, you must have a functional, airtight bong made from premium materials. Your bong stem is one of the most critical aspects of the water pipe. Without a high-quality, well-fitting bong stem, your bong is useless.
We’ve dedicated this post to help our readers understand how vital the bong stem is to the smoking experience. We also cover choosing the right bong stem, whether you are looking to upgrade or need a replacement piece.

What is the Purpose of Your Bong Stem

While the bong stem is a seemingly insignificant part of the bong, it is where the magic happens. Without an adequately submerged, airtight bong stem, your bong won’t be functional.

A bong stem must be the proper length to deliver smoke into the water chamber. If it isn’t fully submerged, the diffusion or breakdown of the smoke molecules required for cooling won’t be executed efficiently.

The other essential purpose of the bong stem is to house your cone piece or bowl. So, again, the connection must be airtight, or the system won’t function properly.

Different Parts of the Bong Stem

A bong stem (or down stem) is essentially a long tube with two open ends. On the side is meant to be fully submerging the water chamber, known as the diffusor. The other end, known as the connector, houses the cone piece. A bong stem gets progressively wider from the diffusor to the connector so it can securely fit into your bong.

Different Types of Bong Stems

Bongs are made of different materials like glass or acrylic. The gold standard in the herbal community is glass on glass because they deliver the best taste, but other materials of bongs have their advantages. Acrylic and silicone bongs are less expensive and more durable than glass bongs.

If you are accident-prone or use your acrylic or silicone water pipe on the go, you may want to use a metal down stem. They are much more adept at travel because they don’t break nearly as easily. If the bong is stationary and you aren’t worried about shattering, we always recommend using glass stems.

What is a Bong Percolator?

The objective of the bong stem is to diffuse the smoke through percolation. Every properly functioning water pipe uses a percolator to cool the hot smoke making it a much more enjoyable experience.

Additional percolators are added to bongs to diffuse smoke further, but the most important is created with the primary bong water and the down stem. This is why it is extremely important to have a well-fitting bong stem that is the correct length.

How Does Percolation Improve the Smoking Experience?

When burning herbs create smoke particles in the bowl, they are sucked through the bong stem and into the water chamber. When the hot smoke reaches the water, they are met with a combination of air and water breaking up or diffusing the smoke. The more that smoke is diffused, the less harsh it becomes.

The whole purpose of a bong is to cool down the smoke making a smoother hit. Percolation creates the environment to break down smoke and allow the user to take massive rips without coughing up a lung.

Choosing the Perfect Bong Stem

Not every bong stem is going to fit your bong. You have to worry about three determining factors:

  • Length – Your bong stem can’t be too long or too short. If it is too long, it won’t fit in the water chamber, and if it is too small, you won’t be able to submerge the stem without risking soaking your herb properly.
  • Joint Size – The most common cone pieces are 14mm and 18mm. Be sure you know what size your cone piece is before purchasing a new bong stem. Your cone piece should fit snuggly into the bong stem.
  • Width – Also known as the ground connector, it also needs to fit your bong. The most common sizes are 14mm and 18mm.

Find Your Next Bong Stem at Shisha Glass

The bong stem is an essential part of the incredible experience that is the bong. Therefore, it is important to have a down stem that fits your bong made from high-quality materials.

Shisha Glass has an extensive selection of bong stems in various sizes made from glass and metal. We are the best source for all things bongs Australia; from bong stems, cone pieces, accessories to unbelievably efficient bongs, Shisha Glass has what you need to enjoy your herbs to the fullest extent.

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