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If you value the potent taste of your favourite herbal blends and aren’t interested in sacrificing quality, look no further than Arizer vaporizers. The premium portable vaporizer brand is known for efficiently producing the most enjoyable vapour on the market. At Shisha Glass, we are proud to be the number one source for Australian vaporizers.

Your highly botanical compounds shouldn’t be subjected to anything less than luxury. Arizer vaporizers are specifically designed to accommodate the connoisseur by making no sacrifices when it comes to the quality of vapor.

Vape in Style with Arizer Vaporizers Available from Shisha Glass Australia

The Arizer Solo’s sleek, futuristic design complements its elevated functionality to perfection. Vaping is the latest innovation in smoking and can’t be thoroughly enjoyed with a cheap corner store vape pen. The Arizer Solo is a staple at any high-end vaporizer shop and the go-to-pick for veteran vaporizer users.

Not only does the design exude futuristic quality, but the thick smoke produced by the Solo can’t be reached by any other smoking method. Most portable and desktop vaporizers fail to deliver thick, robust clouds, but the Arizer Solo achieves a blanket of sweet-smelling herbal vapor.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best; try the Arizer Solo Dry Herb Vaporizer from Shisha Glass today.

The Arizer Solo Dry Herb Vaporizer is an Unusually Durable High-End Option

While the Arizer Solo is a portable vaporizer, it is more effective and heavy-duty than others in its class. The unit isn’t the best option if you are looking for a compact vaporiser that will easily fit in your pocket but more than makes up for portability in quality.

Most Arizer Solo users prefer to use the dry herb vaporizer at home. It’s the perfect size to pass around the smoking circle and enjoy herbs to their fullest flavour potential.

Another advantage of the Arizer Solo is its durability. It may not be sleek enough to carry around in your pocket comfortably, but it still can be carried around comfortably or stored in a side bag or backpack. Because of its durable design, you don’t have to worry about being destroyed if it’s dropped.

Experience Premium Taste with The Arizer Solo’s Glass Tube

The most appealing aspect of the Arizer Solo is by far the high-quality taste of the vapour. You will be hard-pressed to find another vaporizer on the market that produces a better flavour.

Arizer Solo’s exceptional vapour is due to its glass tubing and mouthpiece. Other vaporizers on the market use metal or plastic components to deliver the vapour, reducing the quality in taste. Its common knowledge that glass on glass bongs creates a much more enjoyable user experience. However, most smokers don’t use the same train of thought when using vaporizers. The Arizer Solo is one of the few vapes that delivers vapour to the user through a glass tube and out of a glass mouthpiece.

Ultra-Fast Convection Heating Times with the Arizer Herbal Vaporizer Australia

Convection heating is the only way to vaporize your valuable herbs. Instead of using a heating plate, like in conductive systems, the Arizer Solo heats the air in the chamber. This creates a consistent process and results in much better tasting vapor.

The Arizer Solo vaporizer heats to desired temperatures in less than one minute; however, we recommend waiting two minutes to reach peak performance. The wait time is longer than other portable and desktop vaporizers we offer, but the quality from the Arizer Solo is well worth the wait.

Enjoy Seven Different Temperature Settings to Perfectly Vaporize Your Herbs

Using the Arizer Solo’s control settings, smokers can set their unit to seven different temperatures. The settings range from 50 to 210 degrees Celsius. This is our favourite feature from Arizer. Most vaporizers only allow for 2-4 preset heat settings, but Arizer allows you to pick seven. The control allows concentrate users to set their temperature for different extracts and, of course, set an optimal flower temperature. An LED display on the side of the Arizer Solo shows smokers when their optimal temperature has been reached.

Shisha Glass Proudly Provides Arizer Products to Australians

The Arizer Solo is the perfect choice for dry herb vaporizers looking for an option that delivers the highest quality without having to plug it in. At home, use has never been easier or more enjoyable with the Arizer Solo.

At Shisha Glass, we only carry the highest quality vaporizers on the Australia market. The Arizer Solo is just one of the many options we have from the most reputable brands globally, Lawless Vape, Storz & Bickel, DaVinci, SMOKA, and Firefly. Shop today to achieve an elevated dry herb and concentrate smoking experience.

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