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At Shisha Glass, we are a lover of bongs of all shapes, sizes, and materials. However, as connoisseurs who are passionate about our herbs, we prefer the unmatched taste of glass bongs.

In the post, we will review some of the best glass bongs available in the Australia bong shop. We look at some of the most advanced models available, as well as novelty and budget options.

Why Does Glass Make the Best Bongs?

Glass bongs have become more than just smoking devices since their inception. Today, glass water pipes and bongs are works of art created by incredibly talented artists. Their ability to deliver superior flavour combined with the flexibility to mould the material into anything the creator can imagine has solidified their position as the most popular type of bong in Australia.

Unparalleled Quality to Maximize Taste

The taste glass bongs deliver a much purer experience than other types of bongs such as ceramic, acrylic, or silicone. When the other material heats up, they leave a subtle taste in the vapour. Glass handles heat much better, keeping cool and creating a consistent hit every time.

Glass Blowers Can Create Unique Designs with a Higher Purpose

Glass blowing is an art form that has found a place in our community because it offers functionality for the craft. Artists can use waterpipes and bongs to create pieces that have a purpose other than being visually pleasing.

The combination of art and functionality has increased the demand for new design ideas and technology to cool down the smoke.

Glass Stays Cool More Efficiently

Glass handles heat much better than other materials. As a result, the smoke is cooled more effectively, and the glass doesn’t get too hot to handle.

Bongs are Easy to Clean

The Shape of a bong makes it challenging to get in and scrub residue, but if you have the right tools, cleaning a bong takes just a few minutes. We offer cleaning brushes and solutions designed specifically for cleaning glass water pipes in the bong shop.

The Best Glass Bongs Online from in Australia

Shisha Glass offers the best selection of glass bongs online. We have a wide range to choose from with incredible features including:

  • Percolators
  • Ice Catchers
  • Mini Glass
  • Novelty Shape
  • Various Bases and Dimensions

We’ve compiled some of the best bongs available online at the bong shop from Shisha Glass below.

Glass Bongs with Percolators

Bongs already use water to cool down smoke and filter out carcinogens. Percolators diffuse or break up smoke further, making it even more tolerable in large amounts.

Our favourite glass bong with a percolator system is the Tree Percolator Shadow Beaker Base Glass Bong.

Our Glass Bongs with Ice Catchers

Ice catchers are another advancement that improves the overall experience by cooling your smoke.

Our Bubble Round Base Glass Bong with Ice Catcher allows users to place ice cubes in the bong’s neck so they won’t damage the down stem. Right before the smoke hits your lips, it passes through the ice, creating a less harsh experience.

Novelty Options for Bongs Online

Glass bongs give creators the flexibility to craft them into unique shapes or feature pop culture characters. One of our favourite novelty bongs is our Rick and Morty Double Round Base Glass Bong with Ice Catcher. The bong will deliver superior taste and is an ode to the hilarious interdimensional duo.

Our Rick and Morty Bong feature an ice catcher to keep your smoke cool. While some novelty bongs are just for show or used as gag gifts, they are designed with functionality as the number one objective.

Glass Bongs for Herb Lovers on a Budget

One of the downsides to glass bongs is the pieces can get expensive. Catering to all types of customers is a priority of ours at the bong shop. We have a massive selection of affordable bongs.

One of the best is the Glass Round Base Barrel Mini Bong. This piece gives users the glass experience without having to make a substantial financial investment.

High-End Glass Bongs from the Bong Shop

Smoking technology has come a long way in the past few years.

The Cylinder Glass Bong with Double Percolator is a testament to our progress in the herbal community. Few bongs available online can cool vapour as effectively as our Cylinder Glass Bong with Double Percolator.

Shop Our Extensive Selection of Bongs Online from Shisha Glass

We have many more glass bong options available at the bong shop. From advanced bongs with percolators to novelty bongs, we have the perfect piece for everyone. Browse today to find the ideal bong for your lifestyle and budget.

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