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Acrylic bongs or plastic bongs may not be as popular as their glass counterparts, but they can be highly useful for many herbal or tobacco consumers. Water pipes made from acrylic are durable and affordable, giving users worried about shattering their glass bong a less expensive alternative. Shisha Glass features a wide selection of acrylic pieces; we’ve picked out our favourite bongs in Australia in the list below.

Before we get into the best acrylic options, let’s discuss why an acrylic bong from Shisha Glass is a solid purchase. 

Why You Need an Acrylic Bong from Shisha Glass?

While glass bongs offer a superior taste, acrylic bongs and plastic bongs have other factors that many herbal users will find attractive. The flavour of vapour isn’t up to par with glass, but users won’t have to worry about dropping their bong or spending hundreds of dollars for a decent-sized bong.

Acrylic is Much More Durable than Glass

Dropping an acrylic bong won’t result in tragedy. Acrylic is much stronger and can withstand most minor accidents. In addition, the durability makes acrylic the perfect bong material for travel. You wouldn’t want to bring a glass bong camping or to the beach; it will inevitably get broken. You can confidently store it without a case and not worry about breaking your only means of smoking with acrylic.

Buying an Acrylic Bong is Cost-Effective

Acrylic is cheap to produce and easy to work with, resulting in various exciting shapes at low prices. You can purchase a large-sized plastic bong that will deliver massive hits of herb thanks to acrylic.

We Have the Best Selection of Acrylic Bongs Australia

Shisha Glass has the best selection of acrylic bongs online. Our bong shop has various sizes, colours, and shapes that will satisfy all herbal connoisseurs.

10 Go-To Options for Acrylic Bongs Australia

Below are our 10 favourite bongs available in the bong shop. We’ve picked these bongs based on their unique designs and functionality. You will find various options from all price points, including high-end acrylic bongs and choices for smokers on a budget.

Acrylic Twister Neck Round Base Bong

The classic bong shape will never go out of style. The Twister Neck Bong is the perfect starter bong, but at 26cm, it still packs a punch.

Gravity Bong with Tree and Leaf Decoration

Gravity bong is one of the most entertaining and efficient smoking methods. Of all the bongs available from Shisha Glass, this one may deliver the most intense hits.

Acrylic Round Base with Triple Ring Neck Bong

Larger bongs, like the Acrylic Triple Ring Neck Bong, are where the less expensive material thrives. For example, a 32cm glass bong would cost hundreds of dollars, but this piece is quite affordable, thanks to acrylic.

Acrylic Wide Round Base Bent Neck Bong

The Acrylic Bent Neck Bong is one of our favourite shapes out of any water pipe in the bong shop. Built specifically for taking massive rips, the neck is at a perfect angle, and the base is formed for maximum grip.

Clear Acrylic Skull Base Bong

Skull bongs are a staple in the herbal community. They are a classic but functional design that sets off any smoke room. Our Clear Acrylic Skull bong is the perfect addition to your water pipe collection or as a starter piece.

Multi-Colour Acrylic Bong

Pay homage to France with this blue, white, and red Multi-Colour Acrylic Bong. The 30cm bong with a classic shape is perfect for enjoying the next football party or special occasion.

Acrylic Round and Reverse Beaker Bong

Our Round and Reverse Beaker Bong are some of the most unique designs. It features a classic round water chamber with a reverse section for extra grip. The water pipe is available in electric blue with multiple skull and bones decals.

Acrylic Round Base Bong with Gradient Colours

One advantage of acrylic is the ability to mold it into unusual shapes. Our Acrylic Round Base Bong with Gradient Colours has a V-shaped water chamber with a down stem opening at the top. The unique design allows for optimal cone piece positioning.

Acrylic Round Base Bong with Two Colours

Sometimes the classic shape is the way to go. Our Acrylic Round Base Bong with Two Colours is simple, effective, and inexpensive. All the qualities you want in a water pipe.

Double-Ring Round Base Acrylic Bong

This bong is a steal! So affordable and features a unique design. The mouthpiece is open, allowing for more suction power and bigger rips.

Shop Bongs Australia from Shisha Glass for a Massive Acrylic Selection

We have dozens of acrylic bongs to choose from. Our top ten is impressive, but we didn’t scratch the surface of our extensive selection. Browse bongs Australia from Shisha Glass today!

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