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The bong is the lifeblood of the herbal connoisseur community. No smoke spot is complete without a high-quality centrepiece that delivers smooth, cool smoke. Our 2021 list features the best selections from our Australia bong shop; we’ve included a bong for everyone from high-end to budget options.

The Best 2021 Bong Collection in Shisha Glass Bong Shop

At Shisha Glass, we are dedicated to providing a wide range of bongs for our herbal or tobacco consumers; our assortment consists of:

Shisha Glass also offers the latest smoking technology such as percolators and ice catchers. Check out our picks for the best bongs of 2021 below.

10. Straight Base Triple Percolator Glass Bong

Our Triple Percolator Glass Bong is the premium option for the consumer that values quality over everything else.

The percolator system adds extra filtration by diffusing or breaking up the smoke before it is inhaled. Our Triple Percolator Glass Bong uses a clever engineering system that forces the smoke to a complex series of holes, further cooling down the smoke resulting in a smooth, consistent hit.

9. Rainbow Glossy Skull Shape Round Base

In many cases, glass bongs transcend functionality and serve as works of art. Our Rainbow Glossy Skull Bong makes for a great conversation piece, as well as a more than capable way to enjoy your herb.

The Glossy Skull Bong features an 18mm female joint piece and ice catcher at the bong’s neck. Smoke is percolated in the base and cooled further when loaded up with ice for an elevated experience.

8. Silicone Retractable Round Base Bong

One of the best functionally designed bongs online is our Silicone Retractable Bong. Silicone is an excellent material for the accident-prone smoker who doesn’t want to worry about shattering their bong.

The retractable neck extends from 24cm to 54cm allowing for optimal storage while traveling. Our Silicone Retractable Bong is the ideal water pipe for camping; throw it in your bag, and don’t worry about it breaking or taking up too much space.

7. Glass Wide Beaker Base Mini Bong

Looking to save but don’t want to sacrifice quality?

Our Beaker Mini Bong is the perfect option for herbal enthusiasts on a budget. The bong’s elegant beaker design delivers smooth, tasty hits of vapor without requiring users to make a significant investment.

6. Cylinder Glass Bong with Double Percolator

The Cylinder Glass Bong with a double percolator available in our bong shop uses a tree system to diffuse the smoke. A tree percolator uses branches to efficiently cool down smoke and create a more enjoyable bong rip.

Smokers looking for an affordable option to experience the latest percolator technology will be satisfied with the Cylinder Glass Bong with a double percolator.

5. Double-Ring Round Base Acrylic Bong

Acrylic is another material offered at the Shisha Glass bong shop. Our top acrylic pick is our Double-Ring Round Base Bong in lively neon orange, yellow, and blue colourway. Acrylic bongs are lightweight and much more durable than glass alternatives.

If you want to save and not worry about breaking your new bong, look no further than our Double-Ring Round Base Acrylic Bong.

4. Lawless Batman Comic Beaker Base Glass Bong with Ice Catcher

Lawless is a highly respected brand known for creating some of the finest bongs online. Their Batman Comic Beaker Glass Bong with ice catcher is a perfect combination of fandom and functionality.

The beaker shape is one of our favourite bong designs and the 1990s batman imagery is icing on the cake.

3. Double Honeycomb Glass Bong with Percolator

Our Double Honeycomb Glass Bong features a simple but highly effective filtration system. Honeycombs are round disks that diffuse smoke, cooling it down at making for a smooth bong rip. The bong also features an ice tray to lower the vapour temperature further, allowing herbal enthusiasts to maximize the herbal experience.

2. Glowing In Dark Beaker Base Glass Bong

The overall best design from the bong shop is, hands down, the Glowing in the Dark Beaker Bong. Turn off the lights, and the black and white tribal pattern is illuminated, creating a unique, trippy smoke session.

1. Tree Percolator Shadow Beaker Base Glass Bong with Ice Catcher

Our #1 pick is the Shisha Glass branded Tree Percolator Shadow Beaker Bong. The bong is the perfect height at 37cm and features a tree percolator and ice catcher to filter and cool hot smoke efficiently.

Shisha Glass bongs are made of ultra-clear, heat-resistant borosilicate glass. We design our bongs with the herbal enthusiast in mind incorporating the latest technology and trends to optimize the user experience.

Browse the Bong Shop Today for a Premium Selection of High-End Water Pipes!

With so many incredible options at Shisha Glass, choosing just 10 bongs made for a difficult task. We have dozens of other high-quality bongs available online at the bong shop. Our collection is second to none; browse today to experience our premium selection of bongs online.

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