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About Us

Australia’s largest selection of Bongs, from Smoking Pipes, Smoking Supplies to Shisha & Hookah and everything in between. Shisha Glass is your one-stop head shop for everything smoking in Australia.

We understand how much of a hassle it can be to track down everything you need to have a good session. You’d have to source items from many head shop and head shop to complete what you need to chill out and relax. But is it really worth the time and effort to go through all this trouble just so you can blaze up? And when the weekend’s over, how can you ensure you’re completely detoxified?

Worry no more!

We are in the business to serve your needs!

To us, Your Herb Session’s Perfection Is Our Obsession

Our aim is to always have the biggest range of high quality, designer smoking gears, including the perfect grinders for your herb. Whatever your budget, we have such a massive range that there will always be something for every smoker. Whether you like big artistic glass bongs or prefer something sturdier with more functionality, we’ve got it and more!

Glassware that utilises water, more commonly known as a Water Pipe or Bong is one of our specialties. Our full range will include Borosilicate glass pyrex (toughened glass), Acrylic (plastic) and even Silicone bongs and beaker bongs with great percolators. Silicone is a very resilient material and will literally bounce back when dropped, acrylic is a lightweight and affordable material for those on a budget whereas Glass will have the best flavour and in my opinion, be the most aesthetically pleasing especially when freshly cleaned.

If you don’t need a super smooth pull and enjoy a little spice to your hit, the smoking pipes we have in our range cover every base. From huge artistic novelty glass smoking pipes to sturdy discrete bullet pipe kits, from simple chillum and wooden sherlock style Tobacco pipes to decorative glass pieces and everything in between.

We also stock a wide variety of rolling papers and blunt wraps for the rollers among us and pre-rolls for those who haven’t quite grasped the knack as yet. Everything from hemp to rice smoking paper, every flavour you could think of and a few you couldn’t. Hemp wrap is a relatively new idea suitable for those who like to roll big joints but don’t want any Tobacco like in a traditional blunt wrap. The other advantage of hemp is that it burns at the exact temperature of, you guessed it, hemp! Meaning it is a very efficient smoke, no product will be wasted.

If you’re on the go, bringing a full rig with you can be a hassle. Luckily we have these stealthy pieces of hardware that can keep up with you on a mission. Check out our Dry Herb Vaporizers from the legendary Storz & Bickel to the best-value Lawless Uneek Vaporizer. These units have stood the test of time and have been tried by thousands of vapers in Australia! Other Herbal Vaporisers included in our line of products are DaVinci, Arizer, Firefly, Vivant and more.

Hit us up for any questions – We’ve got what you need.

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